Bad or Not: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Decision is still a Question for All


Just after the 2018 FIFA World Cup came to an end, the big news came from Turin, Italy that Cristiano Ronaldo has signed for the Italian giants Juventus, leaving Real Madrid after an illustrious career with the Spanish giants. The news came as a surprise for many of his fans and everybody thought that he was now on another brilliant journey with Juventus. Before joining Juventus, Juventus had already won the domestic Seriea title 7 times in a row. So, the main motive of Juventus was to win the Champions League, that’s what the fans expected when Cristiano Ronaldo arrived to Juventus. But the journey hasn’t been that pleasing for Cristiano Ronaldo so far it seems.

Yes, Juventus have won 9 titles in a row now, but they are too overly dependent on Ronaldo, and that dependence doesn’t always help win a tournament as big and massive as Champions League rather than Seriea. The 2018/19 Champions league saw Juventus being knocked out by a young Ajax team. The reason wasn’t Ronaldo, but the form of other players. Ronaldo was the one who made Juventus reach the Quarter Finals with his amazing 1 man show against Atletico Madrid but how long can a 1 man show win matches regularly. What the fans believe is that Ronaldo has made a big mistake going from Real Madrid to Juventus, basically wasting his talent. The form he has been, particularly at this stage of his career, where other players at this usually go to small leagues around the world and then retire, he has gone to one of the best teams to perform his level best their and bring the Champions League back to Italy. But for it to happen, the whole team needs to perform with a great enthusiasm which is shown by Cristiano Ronaldo himself. If at this age, he can perform like a beast, why can’t the other players of Juventus. If the Italian giants want to win the Champions League this season, they need to support Cristiano Ronaldo equally and then work as a team and win the Champions League.

The problem with Juventus is the fact that the players don’t really show the intent of scoring goals, rather they keep on defending and defending, and with their some what weak defence they concede and put even more pressure on Ronaldo to score. If it wasn’t for Ronaldo’s 30+ goals this season, Juventus might have lost the domestic title also, the way they have been playing. The mid field just doesn’t look that dominating and with the likes of Ronaldo and Dybala at the top for Juventus, the mid field needs to be more competent to make sure that they supply the right ball to the forwards, creating more chances. The form of Juventus after lockdown hasn’t been that great at all. Not for Ronaldo, it would’ve been a last day battle for the Seriea title also. Now, with the Champions league Round of 16 match with Lyon coming after just a week, the team needs to make sure that they put this all behind and start rejuvenated, so more enthusiastic so that they can atleast fight for a place in the Quarter Finals of the Champions League. With Juventus trailing Lyon 1-0 in the 1st leg, the 2nd leg will be a very crucial match for the Juventus team in general.

In the end, I want to say that the decision taken by Cristiano seems not very good, but we shouldn’t under estimate the Juventus team and players at all, because this team is counted as one of the best in business in European football. So, lets see how it goes on when the Champions League starts in just 1 weeks time.

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