Loving is a human right

We live in a world filled with diverse culture, people and values. What you might find attractive is not attractive to another person. If you look into the history of every country, you will find that every person on this planet had a battle of their own, be it fight for equality or humanity. Indians fought for freedom and against oppression of the downtrodden, Americans fought for the oppression of the coloured people. But during these times there were people who chose love over power or love over anything else. We should not forget a lot of whites supported the coloured people, a lot of Britishers helped Indians. They chose to love when they were given a chance to rule. There are certain things that can never be taught, it has to be experienced. People fought for respect, respect for their religion, sexuality or culture. Even till today, a lot of Muslims are looked upon as terrorists, Christians are looked like they do every good deed, for the sake of conversion and Hindus are laughed at, their culture. Why do we choose to hate people from another religion, when your own religion and your scriptures keep teaching you to love. Aren’t you just negating your own beliefs? The next time a religious person spreads hate, you tell them on their face, that they don’t belong to any religion. Religion teaches love not hatred. Atheists are no exceptions, just because they don’t believe in God, that does not give them a right to hate. 

Let’s talk about sexual orientation. People have the right to live the way they want, if you being a girl choose to love a boy is right, so does a boy who falls in love with another boy. Ultimately all we do is love. You can never restrict love. You cannot choose to love a person it chooses for itself. Let’s consider an example, how many of you know what’s k-pop? If you don’t, then stop, and then go check k-pop out. Boys’ in a k-pop boy band are usually referred to as ‘gays’, they mean it in a very disrespectful way. The term ‘gay’ or ‘lesbian’ or ‘transgender’ is used as a derogatory term. I don’t understand how, people can hate when we don’t have enough time to love. Our life is too short to hate and bully people, we need to spread love. Animals have the right to be loved, animals of every kind, even a snake or a lizard, they deserve love and we can give it to them. As human beings, we don’t understand the privilege we have to walk, talk, think, act and love the way we can. I bet animals would have done a better job in loving and making this place a better one to live , if they get to replace us. Let no one stop you and limit your love, love anything and everything you want. You just have one life to love and time’s running, so chase happiness and not success. Don’t forget , there are so many of them out there, craving for some love, and you have it, so just give it to them. Love is the only thing in this universe, which starts increasing, as you start giving it out.

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