Social Media Good or Bad?

Well before i start this article, let me mention to you that this is just my point of view on the current situation.We all know the rapid growth of Social media in the today’s world.We have so many platforms like Faccebook,Instagram,Twitter etc.I’d like talk about the good and bad about Social Media.


1.It is a platform where we can convey our messages immediately.It is definitely a boon when it comes to this because when you consider the period 50years ago,the major communication medium that was used were the letters but the major drawback of it was that it was time consuming and the message to be sent was delayed.Well not anymore.

2.People who lived away from their family can virtually meet them through video calls .

3.There are many platforms where we are free to share our views ,our photos and our videos.Things get viral in no time in today’s world.It’s immediately brought to notice to people who later give justice to the case.

4.Online shopping is one of the most trending social media platforms now in this pandemic .It is very easy for us to just order anything online and in no time we have it on our doorstep.


1.Online bullying has become worse case scenario nowadays.Young people are a trap fro this.Many of them comment or state statements which hurts the others feelings.There are cases where online bullying has led to crimes like suicide and murders.

2.Online predators are increasing everyday ,teenagers are a prey for it.These predators sexually assault them online and cause harm to the mental health of the young minds.

3.Everyone is getting addicted to it. We are making social media a bane for ourselves by over using it .We are forgetting the value of relationships and rather worry about the virtual relationship ,we are spending less time with family and more on being online.

4.We depend on the social media and make less use of our minds for example when a small boy is given a math problem he immediately googles it instead of spending some time to think about it.

I would like to conclude by saying that we have to be alert in whatever steps we take and not depend on something which might result in harming us.During the lockdown we literally spend horse on social media instead we could just spend some time with our family and also spend time in exercising and keep our mental and physical health stable. 

Let’s just say that social media is a boon to people, who make use of it, in a right way, and a bane to people who just want to fool around. But we must be careful and not get tangled in the dangerous web of social media evils. We must use social media carefully and make it an advantage to us. The more we restrict someone from using social media, the more they get curious about it and end up getting caught in its evil web. So it’s better to let them use it carefully and find out more about the same.

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