A Look into the 2020/21 Premier League Season: Predictions and Much More


This footballing season has been one of its kind in many years. With the coronavirus pandemic halting the season in between, the season went on for long than ever anticipated. But for football fans, its football and football all around. The new season of the English Premier League begins in September, 2020. With the previous season being one of the most unpredictable one, with Liverpool winning their 1st title after 30 years. The side which never looked to compete for a place in the top 4 before the 2019/20 season started, finished in the top 4, i.e., Manchester United. With the new season approaching, we look at the possibilities of who could be title contenders this season, and who are the contenders for the top 4 positions in the league.

With the huge transfers made by Chelsea already, they have invested brilliantly in youth and with Frank Lampard at the helm, Chelsea are the ones who could challenge for the Premier League title next season with the likes of Liverpool and Manchester City. The other contenders as earlier stated would be the same two opponents who have performed brilliantly over the past two seasons, Manchester City and Liverpool. With Liverpool winning the title this season and with the quality of players they have, like Sadio Mane and Mo Salah and with their ever determined captain Jordan Henderson. For Manchester City, this could be a defining point in Pep’s career, with every team getting stronger and with Manchester City not having a good season this time, the next season is very crucial for Pep as a manager and Manchester City as a team. These three are the real title contenders of what I feel given the squads they have and the form they displayed the previous season. But if I am given a situation to pick one team for the title, I would choose Chelsea over the other teams.

As we know that the Premier League is a long tournament, with 38 games to be played by each and every team. And with the young and enthusiastic squad Chelsea have got, they are certainly top contenders. Also, with a manager like Frank Lampard, who has spent most of his footballing career at the Stamford Bridge, this is surely the big bonus for Chelsea. Also, with Manchester City juts falling a little bit apart this season and with not such a strong defensive line, they would not make it to the title I guess this season. And as far as Liverpool are concerned, they would be the closet to challenging Chelsea this season. For the top 4, I feel the obvious 3 places will be taken by Chelsea, City and Liverpool and for the 4th spot there will be tough competition between the other top sides which are in rebuilding process. Yes, I’m talking about Manchester United, Arsenal and Spurs. With this season being brilliant for Manchester United, the same wasn’t the case for Arsenal and Spurs. Arsenal had a distortful season, just able to finish in the top 10 somehow. But I feel they would do a lot better next season with Arteta at the helm. What Arteta needs to do is find some useful defensive line so that they can fight for a Champions League spot next season. And now talking about Spurs, I feel they have a better chance of qualifying for the Champions League with a world class manager like Jose Mourinho. But for what has so far transpired in the transfer window, I feel Manchester United would once again be in the top 4 next season, with the type of squad they have. Be it the likes of Bruno Fernandes, Paul Pogba or the defensive line headed by the captain Harry Maguire.

This is my prediction for the next season in the English Premier League starting in September.

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