This is the art of reading books, as a part of therapy. Therapy is actually a treatment for those who are going through mental pressure or anxiety, and heals them from tensions. Doctors prescribe different therapies according to the needs of patients. Therapy can be performed on a clinic as well as also at home. As we all know, books are a man’s best friend. A friend like a book won’t be leaving you in your worst times, as because it will remain by your side no matter what, you can take during a Journey, or at Afternoons, you can gift it to you close ones etc. Earlier times when there was no form of modern entertainments or gadgets, people used to read a lot to enrich their knowledge. Reading used to be an excellent method for time pass back then, as many were housewives and weren’t allowed to go out or get socialized that much. Reading is an ancient practice which are becoming rare, almost obsolete as days pass by. Now those people only read who is having a fascination towards it. Reading distracts your mind from everything around you, and sometimes it even feels like you are the part of a character. Reading actually needs a lot of focus or one won’t understand the topics properly. When you read you start imagining the whole thing in your mind . You somehow tend to connect with the stories as if it was happening with you. Reading books is a very good habit which needs absolutely no companion and stimulates your thinking and beliefs. This helps you to think more and more which is a good exercise for your brain. You can spend hours and hours reading an interesting book but still won’t get bored of its twists and turns. During childhood the kids are given books like fairy tales which took them to a fantasy world. We all have read Snow White and the seven Dwarfs, Little Mermaid but unfortunately kids nowadays prefer the cartoons over books. Books provides us with an abundance of knowledge. Reading makes you feel more self sufficient and complete by yourself. Books can be of different languages also having variety of classifications like Detective, Horror, Humorous, Romantic. You can choose your favorite Genre and spend time reading, this is definitely going to cure you from any kind of stress or depression by taking you to another word. We do not get enough time to read books due to the busy schedule, but it is okay to take a break sometimes and spend your leisure time reading new stories. Reading is often the best remedy for a lonely mind. It seems like someone is there with you and supporting you throughout. There are several autobiographies and biographies on eminent and renowned personalities i.e., Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, Swami Vivekananda and many others. You get to know a lot about their lives and this inspires you indeed. Reading helps you to become a much better person. You get involved in the book within no time because you are a creator then as you create the scenarios and visualize them all by your own. Hence this is an efficient way to divert your mind from any kind of traumas or depressions.

Reading has almost no disadvantages, you need not have to be a bookworm, if you genuinely love books you will take care of those. Many of the children from this generations do not go for buying books because of its costs rather they download it from the online book platforms directly for free, where the essence is somewhere lost. Library is an abode of books which is an organization stocking ample of books together. These libraries are becoming a matter of past due to the shortage of readers, it is unable to run anymore and mostly getting shut down. No one visits Libraries nowadays to read Story books. Many films are being made adopting the storylines and mostly everyone prefers to watch them over reading the books where the incidents and situations are manipulated according to whims and fancies of the directors. It is good to read to at least pay tribute towards the writers who put their heart and souls it in and spends months on their work. Books can be of various types like Novels, Short Stories, Fiction etc.

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