Emoji – This term speaks a lot for itself. Emoji depicts pictography, there is an uncanny similarity between the English words “Emoji” and “Emotions”. Emoji is especially used by the youngsters as they haven’t got much time to write a lot and they tend to make it more fun. Emotions can be expressed through these cute and humorous emojis. Emojis are only available in smart phones and very rarely on feature phones. In today’s life, we cannot imagine an “Emoji” less world. It is a must have for we youngsters. Earlier we used Smileys which was a most simplified version of Emojis where punctuation marks were used like full stop, semi colon, exclamation marks etc. Emoji is basically the faces which shows several sentiments. This makes the online conversation much more funnier and easier, not having to type lengthy texts while you are texting someone else. Every year we celebrate World Emoji Day, as on 17th July every year. This is the modern world where chatting is becoming must to carry on day to day activities and for entertainment. Emoji is everyone’s best friend. What we cannot say through a call or even through texting, we can just do it by dropping an emoji. It is a much subtle way to reveal the sentiments without overdoing anything. Sending emoji is a casual and informal way, and is not something dignified or professional. We were certainly very fond of smiley, we repeatedly used to send those smiley to each other. Emojis are more modern way of Smiley, having a lot more varieties. There are happy emojis, sad emojis, exclamatory emojis, angry emojis, also there are flags of other countries, furniture, foods, we have all in our smartphones. Emojis can be tricky sometimes, when used sarcastically, if a person sends a text and an emoji just opposite to it, this signifies mockery. Emojis come handy as to text a friend or in groups. As because we are so deeply engrossed into social networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, it is not always possible to write long texts in an informal conversation more than one at a time, usage of emojis makes it faster and easier. Emojis are also handy to use when you are certainly not in a mood to text or chat, just want to end it up without being rude. It is also used to freshen the mood and make it more entertaining. There are several kinds of laughter Emojis. Emojis like casual smile, fun, extremely happy, laughing in tears, laughing heartily as we normal humans do. While in a call you can guess a person’s nature of behavior, but through emojis you cannot very easily get hold of his conduct or instincts, When we are extremely busy and we have to reply and cannot offend the other person, few emojis will easily sort the matter out. Emoji can be helpful during sadness, as it is difficult to express these feelings very easily. Emojis are also relatable for a birthday wish, as it is a more decent and fair way to show joviality, or to wish for any festivities to the close ones. Many people who cannot type or on keypads can henceforth use emojis to express themselves. Emojis are very efficient aspects to use while a person is busy in work or while travelling. Emojis speak a lot more than mere words, what words cannot express, emojis can.

However, a person can understand emojis wrongfully, if it is sent on a hurried note, the person receiving it shall think that emoji is a sign of an ignorant attitude. While texting, imagine you by mistake send a wrong emoji to the recipient, and there is no possibility of correcting it out, like sending any unsuitable emoji to an elderly person or a much younger person, it is very disrespectful on your part. There are various emojis of sports, fruits, veggies and is so much impactful while conversing. No body likes to type lengthy messages or unwanted chatting, also if we are not having the time to type texts separately we can just forward the emoji and the work is done. Without emojis an important part of our life such as chatting which is essential by all means, for official purpose or family group or with friends, it would become much boring and we will start feeling lethargic real soon. Improper usage of emojis can break the conversation even. There are several emojis on our smartphones as gifts to express gratitude and thankfulness.

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