Is adding artificial Fluoride in drinking water necessary? There is no clear evidence that
Fluoride is an essential nutrient for the human body. However, it is necessary to have an adequate
amount of Fluoride in the body to prevent tooth related problems. Research has found out that
Fluoride is found in all water sources, so adding chemical Fluoride leads to health problems.
According to the article “Fluoride in drinking water” by the WHO (World Health Organization)
points out that the concentration of artificial Fluoride above its value can cause an increased risk
of dental fluorosis, and much higher concentrations will lead to skeletal fluorosis. The
recommended value for artificial fluoridation of water supplies is usually 0.5–1.0 mg/litre. Many
cities add artificial Fluoride into their ground drinking water. The top cities are China and India.
With numerous research by Zhang, Zhao, et al., they analyzed and put forward their finding in
their article “Spatial distribution of fluoride in drinking water and health risk assessment of
children in typical fluorosis areas in north China” which stated that in places with endemic
fluorosis. However, water fluoride level is maintained, health education and health promotion
strategies are still necessary, and their importance must be highly valued. Many surveys and
research have been conducted regarding Fluoride in water and its harmful cause to human health.
All the article supports that adding an excess amount of Fluoride in the drinking water is harmful
to human health. The article is supported by numerous reach and surveys that were participated
in various parts of the world.

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