Is vaccination worth taking?

Vaccination is known to strengthen our immune system that will help prevent diseases.
According to the article (Against vaccination), taking a vaccine in most cases leads to deaths. It
states that taking the vaccine is highly noxious than a disease. However, I argue that although
there is a possible danger at the initial stage of taking the vaccine, it is an excellent solution to
prevent oneself from subsequent danger from assimilating diseases.

Vaccine causing several deaths. The article “against vaccination” states that VAERS has received
several reports about dangerous reactions to vaccination. The report was taken into
considerations from doctors ( “The U.S. FDA’s VAERS”. n.d). This claim does not support
evidence that gives us the correct report about the leading cause of the people dying of the
vaccine. The vaccine can cause reactions to some individuals and also death. However, a small
number of cases can not be concluded that the vaccine is dangerous.

What works better vaccine or homeopathy?. The claim that the article makes that vaccine does
not assure the prevention of diseases and that homeopathy works better. This statement is taken
into account because of the historical fact that the death rate was less in homeopathic hospitals.
( “death rate of only 3%”, n.d). However, this statement is biased, and we cannot verify that
homeopathy works better by taking the statistic of the death rate of one hospital.
The advance of technology medication has improved, and we also cannot prove that homeopathy
works best to prevent deceases.

Some specific vaccines can have side effects on individuals, especially with infants, but we
cannot generalize or consider that it is harmful and does not help prevent disease. The vaccine is
a stimulant of antibodies that, in rare cases, does not suit an individual’s body and may lead to
death, but that does not authenticate the vaccine as a harmful agent.

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