Knowledge as internally certifiable

Is knowledge internally certifiable? According to Descartes, if there is a proposition (that is a
statement or a judgement), then there is an argument that shows that the proposition is true. The
premise is “true or introspection” by introspection or examination or observation of own mental
processes. Descartes gives weightage in introspection he says that the given premise can be
considered valid because of introspection and priori reasoning.
According to Descartes, if a subject is confident that a conclusion is true, then the subject should
also know that all the premises related to it are accurate and that he knows that is true because
through the experience. The main element is that introspection gives us knowledge about the
connection between inside and outside of our minds.
How do we know Descartes’s theory is reliable? According to the article, the author agrees to
Descartes’s view, but his approach differs. It supports that knowledge need connection as to what
is going inside the mind is what is going outside. However, he does not acknowledge the theory
of a premise to be true does not need introspection and priori reasoning because the subject does
not have to know that the premises related to being right.

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