Students who do well on exams manage self-impression in various ways when engaging with
other students after receiving their grades. According to Denial Albas and Cheryl Alba’s
individual frequently alter their demeanor towards others to convey the impression which intern
are in favor to them, there are three categories of students the ‘Aces’ the ‘Middle of the
Roaders’ and the ‘Bombers’ who knows that they must create a self-impression for them to be
regarded as a praiseworthy people (Denial and Cheryl,1988,p.290). Self-impression of “Aces”
when encountered by an “Aces” are likely to be accessible because “it’s much easier to admit a
high mark to someone who has done better than you, or at least well” (Denial and Cheryl,
1988,p.298). However, the self-impression is utterly different between the encounter of an ‘Aces’
and ‘Bomber’ for the students who did well on their exam are most likely to interact with the
bombers but hesitate because they remember how poorly they had performed before the
interaction began. ( Denial and Cheryl,1988). In conclusion, the student who does well is often
modest with their self-impression towards others, especially towards people with low grades to
preserve one’s honour.

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