The misinterpretation of miracles.

The miracle happens not because of a supernatural entity. However, instead, because it is a rare
occurrence that makes us think of it as a miracle. Once something happens too much, we no
longer see it as a miracle, and it becomes part of the natural order of things. The interpretation of
a positive outcome of situations is often considered as a miracle. I argue that the belief in
miracles is due to the rare occurrence of situations that cause individuals to believe that a
supernatural force is a subject for its outcome.
The lack of evidence to support the occurrence of miracles. The article (A drop in the sea) does
a marvellous job in emphasizing the fact that the occurrence of miracles lacks evidence to
support the claim. The infrequent occurrence of any event may lead the people to believe that
miracles occur. For example, seeing a shooting star, which is not a common phenomenon that we
see every day, maybe interpreted as a miracle by some people who say it for the first time.
However, if there is enough evidence for an unusual situation, do we consider it a miracle or an
unfrequent or rare situation?
There is no proper evidence that miracles may or may not occur. Nevertheless, the lack of
evidence to support the occurrence of that miracle lacks, which loses its creditability.

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