Improving Communication Skills

Communication is the core of a Personality. Having a good communication skill can change your life instantly. What makes us actually attractive and impressive, is our Communication Skill. We say, “First impression is the last impression”. How can you even make a proper impact without proper communication skills? The trick to make a person listen to you and get your points clearly is by showing him that you have immense control on your communication skills. Without this you cannot be a complete achiever, in spite of having all the good qualities you cannot move forward because of not having the best rapport. Whether you are in front of your teacher or an interviewer, your communication skill is the reflection of your capability. You should be sure of what you wish to speak or how much to speak, you cannot let down your opinion just for the reason of not having effective communication Skills. Here are few tips to enhance your communication skill –

1) Choosing a Language – While conversing with someone, it is indeed the best option to use the language you feel comfortable in. Choosing any other language, which you have a little difficulty in speaking, just to make yourself look cool won’t help you much in the long run. The Interviewer is an experienced person and will get a clear idea that you do not know much about that language giving a wrong image, hence to avoid that, start speaking in the language you know better. Just because any one else is choosing a different language, do not go preach for that. If any specific language is mentioned that you have to opt for that particular language to communicate verbally, you certainly have no choice here. Else, if possible choosing the language you had great command on.

2) Speaking Techniques – You simply do not have enough time to think, translate and speak. Even if you do it in your mind, you won’t be fast enough to speak. While an Official is taking an interview or a teacher asking viva is questioning a lot of others, including you or even more qualified than you. So, you have to make your opinions crystal clear and crisp. Change the game by being direct enough, respectfully having supreme control on the way you are speaking and an abundance of knowledge over the points you have to explain or discuss with.

3) Short and Sweet – No One likes to hear a lot of rantings while conversing, listener is going to get bored or tired very soon. He needs simple answers, not much hard or tricks words. If you genuinely want to contradict a point or raise a question, do it politely. Let the other person speak, let him finish his sentences. It is a strictly No to interrupt in between or speaking in between lines, give small gaps, maintain the eye contact to give a picture that you are listening to the topic and glad to be the part of discussion. Just how to talk to someone known, carry the same attitude while interacting with someone else, always.

4) Vocabulary – Having a good stock of words is absolutely necessary. Do not use any word you do not know the meaning of and you are confused. Choice of word is very important – keep this in your mind. Choose the right word and apply it nicely. Do not repeat the words. Know the basics, or learn about them, like how to start the conversation, how to end it up. Just we write down in a letter or mail, few etiquettes are to be followed here as well. You should have a decency in speaking and should observe more. Also, body language plays a very important look in Communication Skills.

5) Learning more – There is no better way to enrich your stocks of words other than learning more about it. Watch movies, seek the inner meanings of the dialogues, take notes, write it down, write a diary, read newspapers, novels, check out interviews of renowned personalities, read any other book of interest, go through dictionary, find out words and write their antonyms and synonyms. You can also start practicing to speak in English as this language is much admired worldwide and known by a lot of people, also it comes lot handy in competitive exams as the 1st language for most of these Exams are mentioned as in English.

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