Introduction to Cyber Bullying

Before going ahead firstly, what is bullying? Bullying is an act or the behaviour of a person who hurts or frightens someone who is smaller or less powerful, often force the people to do something that they do not want to do. Now Cyber bullying is online bullying. Bullying with the use of digital platforms or technologies. It can take place on social media, messaging platforms like as Facebook, Twitter etc., gaming platforms, chatrooms, emails and other mobile forums. It includes various things some of these are:

spreading lies about or posting embarrassing photos of someone on social media

sending hurtful messages or threats via messaging platforms

impersonating someone and sending mean messages to others on their behalf. 

Its Impact

It also leaves bad Impact on mind of the victims i.e Emotional problems, including depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and stress for victims of cyberbullying. Even sometimes the victims commit suicide. If Cyber bullying is an intense form of psychological abuse, whose victims are more than twice as likely to suffer from mental disorders.

How to prevent Cyber Bullying?

Guardians should Be aware of their child’s online activities.

Adults should also teach children to recognize and be aware of the signs of cyberbullying themselves.

Never share passwords for their online accounts.

Never put something online that they wouldn’t want everyone to see.

Block communication with cyberbullies and do not read messages.

Children should have their screen time limited, and be encouraged to engage more in offline activities.


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